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Our site proposes to seek the Diamond Which Corresponds you.

The diamond which corresponds you, it is that of the best arbitration between the various criteria selections (weight, color, purity, size and price.) but it is also the symbol of an engagement, a love, a personal pleasure, a particular relation.

Like a real professionals, our will is to accompany and advise you in this choice. A great part of this work could be realized in the pages of this site, but we think that a Diamond is not a "product" which can be sold like a simple item. We think that a Diamond, that are touched, is looked at, cherishes ourselves...

Then, for that, we invite you, around a coffee or of a tea, to come to share our passion in our Parisian show-room. There, you will be able to apprehend the magic of Diamond and, helped by informed professionals, you will be able to find the Diamond which corresponds you.

Once this choice made, we will do all our best near our partners Jeweller-Jewellers to carry out the Jewels Which Corresponds you.

Paris Centre